Tax Credit Payments Limited to Two Kids


Have you noticed that it is always the poorest or the most needy who seem to be the last to receive any kind of pay-out. Often you hear of food parcels and monetary gifts headed their way and then these seem to be intercepted en-route, never to land into the hands of those who could really use it.. Now it seems as though Britain’s poorest are going to have their welfare payments cut over the next  years. This apparently is in keeping with Chancellor George Osborne’s plans to re-balance public finances. He says he wants to reshape Britain into a low-tax, small state economy. He reckons that welfare spending is not sustainable and that it ‘crowds out spending on things like education and infrastructure that are vital to securing the real welfare of the people’.

tax credit payments limited to two kids

One good thing to come out of this is that the number of children for whom parents can claim tax credit payments is limited to two in the future. I always say that over-population is the route cause of many modern day ailments so this is one good thing. While welfare payments are going to be cut, good news is that George Osborne ha pledged to make Britain a ‘higher wage and  lower tax country, and this has been well received.