Stock market turns just when investors are hungry

Stock market heroics - Bad for business?

The UK stock market, which is one of the world’s most powerful markets, has turned lately. Investors had hoped the economy would get better after three bad months, with terrorism nearby, and a global economic slowdown. The US ‘bulls’ of the stock market came out in droves over the past three months, cheering on their favourite stocks for heroic recoveries. But, only now, the market has hit the level it was at back in January 1st, and the market has again taken a turn for the worse. This has investors concerned about whether the second quarter will be as bad as the first and that the ‘bullish’ trading ploys that had helped bring about a miraculous first quarter recovery just won’t be there to save the market again. Central banks have not been playing ball with investors either. Talk of our ‘Brexit’ should be helping out certain industries, but everyone is rushing to the US to cover losses. Even the investors who sprinted towards the favour of the banks are now left in the cold, with the central bank’s door having closed sternly on them. There can be “too much of a good thing”.