Tips to Save Money on car Insurance


Saving on Car Insurance

Ways for saving Money on Insurance of your Car:

  1. Pay attention on the rates. Pay the premium half-yearly to save on the interest of 20% or more if you are paying the monthly premium. Generally people do not know this.
  2.  Insurance coverage should be checked very quarter. There are many things which change in the meantime. You can drop the riders not required and add some new riders. A new driver will require more coverage than an experienced one. Also coverage varies according to daily running of your car.
  3. Use the internet and local offices before you buy insurance. Do not stick to your old service provider if he cannot match the discounts available readily in the market.
  4. Do not claim insurance if your mirror is broke. Claiming frequently will increase your premium. If you make claims rarely it will lower the premium.
  5.  If you are a person paying bills regularly then your credit score will be good. The better credit score will help you get insurance at a lower cost.
  6.  Always install anti-theft devices and tracking devices in your vehicle. This can result in additional discounts.
  7. Never let your insurance lapse. It will increase the cost.
  8. One thing I learned from my cousin was that if you bundle all the insurance together you can save a lot. Try this tip it helped me save a month’s income!
  9. The lesser the number of parking and driving tickets the better you are placed when taking insurance.