Bank of England Has Promising News

Some good news just came out about our Bank of England and UK Lenders, after a long road of troubled waters that had me so disillusioned I left the industry, it seems we MAY be turning a corner.

Capital targets are now in reach for most of the lenders and most hope to see some loosening in regulation to help improve the system and keep the improvements coming steady!

The Governor Mark Carney said during a news conference that things are where they need to be and according to his words in a Wall Street Journal Article “There is no new wave of capital regulation coming.”

The taxpayers, that is, have footed the bill for the bankers during the global crisis and now we are finally seeing these broken banks come back to health.  While still a bit speculative of the news, it’s a good sign mates!

There are what they call “stress tests” in the banking world and ours just past the second level.

I find the banking world to still be shaky and with terror strikes having us on heightened alerts there are other ways to make sure you can secure some funds for holiday gifts or travel as we hit that season.

It’s not a great time to pull money out of any investments, so what about payday loans  if you can pay them off quickly, I’ve needed to take advantage of these and not risk pulling any money out of a shaky financial market. The news looks promising, but know we have options as I myself look to get to Australia to see relatives on holiday for Christmas!

Keep your chin up investors and we’ll all grow together through these shaky financial times that look to improve, but we always want to err on the  side of caution.  Best of luck mates!

Until next time…


Bank of England