Domestic economy

Domestic economy news

HSBC bank UK focuses on the most important economy in the world – its domestic economy. The bank shows its ability to support trading requirements locally and internationally. The bank has an award-winning cash management proposition which is used by thousands of clients globally. The HSBC banks reducing senior staff in investments has meant that staff around the world will be losing their jobs. Senior posts in the investment banking division are being cut so as to reduce costs across the company. Some time ago, the chief executive officer outlined a 3-year plan to shut money-losing businesses and eliminate thousands of jobs. Last June already it was decided to slash 1 in 5 jobs so as to combat the sluggish domestic economy. Chris Clark, global head of marketing and corporate sustainability at HSBC, is also leaving the banking giant, after being with it for 15 years. His departure happens to come at precisely the time the bank is cutting senior roles in the investment banking division. In spite of this, the job of the HSBC Bank is to continue to provide personal support for your and the country’s domestic economy towards a secure future.


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